The Just Corporation is the 538th SMALLSAT LAUNCH STARTUP, but we will be the best at opening space to all.

                Because agility and stuff.





A fully expendable smallsat launch vehicle using innovative SUBTRACTIVE MANUFACTURING and REVERSE AEROSPIKE engines.

Our FULL CONCEPTUAL design offers significant mass savings by avoiding contact will reality.



Our design has completed initial tank sizing for BOTH STAGES.

300 ksi MARAGING STEEL tanks allows pressure fed operation at minimal performance loss.

If performance shortfalls are encountered, just using STAGED COMBUSTION INJECTOR PUMPS can allow full pump-fed operation with no moving parts and ZERO SCHEDULE RISK.





JANK uses four 10,000 lbf Forrest engines, made from Aluminum 1909, powered by LOX and KEROSENE rocket propellants.


This is a joke if you haven’t figured it out. The photo page and model rockets are real though.